SelectingYour Real Estate Agent CRS

If you are a CRS, then this video is for YOU

Ever lost a good listing to a bad agent? That’s because the sellers didn’t…

know how to evaluate your competence and ability. When buying a car, customers can assess size, horsepower, storage, gas mileage and features. When purchasing a computer, you can measure speed, memory, hard drive, access ports, screen size and operating system. Even air travelers can compare schedules, seating, class of service and connections. But owners do NOT know how to compare real estate agents.

NOTE: the preview above contains only the scenes unique to the CRS version. For a preview of the full video, watch the preview on the generic version.

Commission and list price…

are the only criteria owners seem to know how to use in comparing agents…whoever will price it the highest and charge the lowest, neither of which will lead them to a good choice.

This changes everything

Teach your sellers how recognize your competence so they'll select you as their listing agent. Send this brief video to sellers before your listing presentation and gain a competitive edge. This video quantifies the differences between real estate agents and provides a measurement standard sellers could use to identify competence. The mere fact that you provide this to an owner demonstrates your confidence in your ability to rise to the standards it sets. If you are the only agent using it with this seller, then you have an additional advantage of knowing how to present in accordance with it.

Advantage you

Send this powerful pre-listing video to sellers and it will help you get the listing by placing you above your competition and give you an unfair advantage over them. It provides eight major criteria by which to select an agent and raises their expectations to match YOUR higher level of service.

Competence, Not Commission

Sellers will select you because of your competence…not because of a low commission or a high asking price. David will teach owners how to recognize value you provide and be willing to pay for it. Sellers don't know how to compare and they don't understand the value they get for the fee they pay. Now you can help them select the right agent — YOU!

Objective Criteria

After watching, sellers will understand: How to evaluate and compare agents using an objective set of standards and measurable criteria. Why they should NOT select an agent based on price, but rather on who is the most competent. How commissions are actually distributed, helping overcome common commission objections. What to expect of their agent, and why low fees don't translate into higher net equity.

Objective Third Party

As a "third party expert," I’ll deliver the content in various settings within an actual real estate company office. The presentation is done in a friendly, yet matter-of-fact style, similar to a documentary. Scenes include footage of agents working with their clients, interaction with computers and websites, and ample graphics for clarity.

Content Overview

Agent vs. Company
Services vs. Results
Don't Select on Price
Eight Major Steps:
1.    Marketing Management
2.    Exposure to Agents
3.    Exposure to Public
4.    Secure Prospects
5.    Demonstrating the Home
6.    Secure an Agreement to Purchase
7.    Closed Transaction
8.    Final Equity Payment

Commission vs. Value