SelectingYour Real Estate Agent

Don’t lose a good listing to a bad agent!


Teach your sellers how to recognize your competence so they'll select you as their listing agent. Send this brief pre-listing video to your sellers before your listing presentation and gain a competitive edge. This video quantifies the differences between real estate agents to help you highlight your competence. 

It provides eight major criteria by which to select an agent and raises their expectations to match YOUR higher level of service.

Chapter Overview:

  • Agent vs. Company
  • Services vs. Results
  • Don't Select an agent based on Price
  • Eight Major Steps:

1. Marketing Management

2. Exposure to Agents

3. Exposure to Public

4. Secure Prospects

5. Demonstrating the Home

6. Secure an Agreement to Purchase

7. Closed Transaction

8. Final Equity Payment

Commission vs. Value