It's your turn to sell this listing

Expired listings are such a great source of business that more of you should be working them. All you need to do is make contact and send this video to owners after their listing expires. It helps them determine which of the three reasons prevented the sale then encourages them to list with you.

(Pay attention to your local laws and board rules determine how you make contact, but once you do, offer to send them this video as a way to make contact.)

How to use

You could send a letter offering the video as a way to get them to call you. Sellers will learn the three reasons for expiring: marketing, condition and price. As you know, in most cases it's price. They will be encouraged to improve all three factors and to list with you.

Third Party Objectivity

The video tells them to lower their price and improve the condition so you don't have to. The live interviews with real estate agents explain the process of expiring and the importance of re-listing.

Positive Approach

This presentation will convert owner discouragement into refreshed optimism.

Content Overview

As many as 30% of listings expire
Why Listings Expire
Marketing, Condition and Price.
Marketing Effectiveness Evaluation
Over-pricing is responsible in most cases
Four Decisions
Decide whether to sell or stay
Select an agent
Establish a marketing plan
Adjust the price to the current market