PreparingYour Home to Sell

Avoid the embarrassment of showing your own listings!

Have you ever feared showing…

your own listing because of the condition in which the owners leave it? Do you dread confronting owners about improving the appearance of their home? Well now YOU don’t have to. Send this video to your sellers after you get the listing. It will show them how to prepare their home to make a positive first impression on the buyers.

Even attractive homes need to convert…

their home from LIVING condition to SHOWING condition before it goes to market.  Owners still need to remove personal items, make pet arrangements, and do those fine-tuning changes that make the home appealing to a buyer.

Your Listings will Shine

Condition is a key determinant of whether your listings will sell, and allowing a home in poor condition to enter the market is unprofessional. This video will dramatically improve the condition of your listings and put them in a 'preferred' status among buyers and other agents.

Value-Added Service

Your sellers will appreciate the additional service you provide by sending this video to them. It is a professional way to address the very sensitive issue of property condition. Tell them: "Mr. and Mrs. Seller, this is a service I provide to all of my sellers that may shorten your marketing time and increase the perceived value of your home." It will help you dramatically improve the sales appeal of your home.

Avoid Confrontation

None of us wants to confront a seller about the adverse factors in their home. This video relieves you of this discomfort by addressing these sensitive issues. They'll learn to clean their home, make repairs, remove family photos, remove pets, etc.

Third Party Objectivity

Sellers may be skeptical of your attempt to alter the condition of their home. And you may prefer not to have this conversation directly. They are more likely to be persuaded by an objective, third party video. The introduction establishes me as an expert on real estate and my delivery is like a documentary program.

Save Time

In 16 minutes this video will deliver all the information that would take more than an hour if delivered in a verbal presentation.

Cover All Points

It is a challenge to remember every point in every presentation. The video delivers a consistent message every time.


Our products are known for their charts and illustrations that make complex concepts simple and clear. This video contains some of the best examples of these graphics. if you buy this video, you'll gain a reputation for having quality listings that sell faster!

Content Overview

Importance of first impression
Psychology of emotional appeal
Appeal to five senses: Sight, Sound, Taste, Touch and Smell as an outline
Five factors: Location, Financing, Marketing, Price and Condition.
Change from being a homeOWNER to a homeSELLER.
Convert from LIVING condition to SHOWING condition
People buy on EMOTION

Preparation steps:
1.    Major Repairs
2.    Maintenance
3.    Clear Out
4.    Clean Up
5.    Five Sense Appeal