8Steps to Buying a Home ABRĀ®

If you are an ABRĀ®, then this buyer video is for YOU

Ever had an excited “buyer” call you to say: "We found...

a home!” And you think they’re calling to have you show it to them. Nope, they already bought it through another agent and they want you to be the first to know! Well, it’s time to put a kibosh on that. This video asks this question: “If your real estate agent found a home, TONIGHT that met your needs, what would you do?  Would you buy it? If not, then don't look now. Begin the process ONLY when you KNOW you're READY to make a purchase.” Finding buyers is easy. Finding the ones who want to buy now is another issue. This video will help you eliminate the non-buyers.

Buy first or sell first?

It addresses the critical issue, “Should you buy first or sell first?” which alone makes this video an important selling and listing tool.

Buyers will also learn to:

•    Be loyal to you and to consider a buyer agency contract
•    Establish price range and financing
•    Be efficient with their house hunting
•    Submit an attractive purchase agreement

In just 18 minutes your buyers will actually be prepared to buy, and you’ll reap the benefits of working with buyers that understand the entire home buying process … from beginning to end!

Increased Closing Ratio

You will be able to increase your closing ratio with buyers to almost 100% with the buyers who view this video. It's frustrating to waste precious time with unmotivated, indecisive buyers. This video eliminates non-buyers by asking, "If your real estate agent found a home tonight that met your needs, would you buy it? If not, then don’t look now."

Save Time

Buyers will watch it on their time, not yours. In 18 minutes this video will deliver all the information that would take more than an hour if delivered in a verbal presentation. But the huge time saving comes from not having to work with buyers who don't buy!

Third Party Objectivity

Buyers are more likely to be persuaded by an objective, third party video. The introduction establishes me as an expert on pricing and the delivery is like a documentary program. I am your strong advocate for using, and being loyal to a real estate agent.

Value-Added Service

Your buyers will appreciate the additional service you provide by sending this video to them. It is a professional way to address sensitive issues and provide information.

Content Overview

Step 1: Preparing to Buy
Step 2: Meeting with a Real Estate Agent
Step 3: Establishing Your Price Range and Financing
Step 4: Determining Your Housing Requirements
Step 5: House Hunting
Step 6: Completing the Purchase Agreement
Step 7: Presenting & Negotiating the Purchase Agreement
Step 8: Closing the Sale