PricingYour Home To Sell

The "Secret Weapon" that gets listings priced right (even when another agent promises more)

Avoid the humiliation of an overpriced listing…

by denying your competition the ability to ‘buy the listing’ out from under you. Known as "THE Pricing Video", it has become the standard for pricing in the real estate industry. It is a 18-minute pre-listing video that overcomes 21 of the most common pricing objections and encourages your sellers to list with you at market value. (Available in Spanish. On the Send Video page, select the Spanish version.)

Solves the #1 sales killer

Price is a key determinant of whether your listings will sell. And owners' desire to overprice is the number one barrier to that goal. This video will do most of the pricing persuasion for you and make it easier to convince your sellers to list at market value.
Your Listings Sell Faster
Send it to your sellers before your listing or pricing presentation. The few minutes spent encouraging sellers to watch this video will be rewarded with a sale that occurs weeks or months sooner. It's also the best way to get price reductions on current listings.

Value-Added Service

Your sellers will appreciate the additional service you provide by sending this video to them. It is a professional way to address sensitive issues and provide information.

Avoid Confrontation

Reduce the discomfort of confronting sellers’ overpricing objections and lessen the need to agree to a higher price just to get the listing. They can take out their frustration on the video, not you.

Third Party Objectivity

Sellers are skeptical of attempts to price properly. They're more likely to be persuaded by an objective, third party video. The introduction establishes me as an expert on pricing and my delivery is like a documentary program.

Save Time

Sellers will watch it on their time, not yours. In 19 minutes this video will deliver all the information that would take more than an hour if delivered in a verbal presentation. And it could take 19 weeks for the sellers to come to the same conclusion if they don't price it right.

Covers All Points

No need to memorize a presentation, the video delivers a consistent message every time.


Our products are known for their charts and illustrations that make complex concepts simple and content clear. This video contains some of the best examples of these graphics.

There is a full Spanish version of this video available; both the sound track and all of the graphics. When you go to "Send a Video", select "Pricing Your Home to Sell - Spanish"

Content Overview

Here are the objections addressed in this video:
“Another agent will list it at a higher price.”
“How do you select a real estate agent?”
“How do I establish the asking price?”
Market Value
Market Data
“We received an online estimate higher than that.”
“We’ve had a fee appraisal higher than that.”
“Our home is better than the others.”
“What about the value of our improvements?”
“But we paid more than that for it.”
“Buyers can always make an offer.”
“We can always come down.”
“Couldn’t we just try it for a couple of weeks?”